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Elvis is a New York City based art director, prop stylist, and production designer. With backgrounds in film and fine arts, Elvis brings a refined aesthetic and vision to the projects he chooses, whether they be photo, video, or installation.

Elvis was born in New York, raised in Lyon and on Ile de RΓ© (France), studied film and fine arts at New York’s Hunter College, moved to Austin to study herbalism for two years, and returned to New York City in 2016 to pursue a career in visual styling and direction.

Elvis is half creative, half wanderer. Whether it be in the aisles of a second hand book store, or on the dunes of an African desert, Elvis likes to explore and discover. He feels as much at home in a photo studio in Soho as he does lost in the woods of the Hudson valley.

Elvis designs sets for fashion campaigns, editorials, and brand lookbooks. He styles product and interiors for commercial clients. Elvis also production designs film and video projects for the music industry and brand advertising. His creative direction and art direction work include editorials for art and fashion magazines, album art and promotional imagery for musical talent, as well as campaign and branding work for commercial and fashion clients.

Elvis is always excited to find the next best project, put together the next great team, and to create memorable and thought-provoking imagery with them.